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Finding Your Social Networking Voice -Why Personalization Is Key To Long Term Success.

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Blogging Is The Most Important Form Of Online Advertising You Will Ever Do!

Blog GraphicWhen I first began real estate investing I knew that the Internet and technology was going to be my main source of leads.  I built a website and naively believed that people would find me online and walla...they would contact me.  Oh how wrong I was.  My site was lost in a competitive online world of "cash for houses" websites and no one found my site or tried contacting me.  So I started to research and learn about getting my site to the top of the search engines...I learned SEO.  Over the years I have become a pro at distributing press releases, adding my site to social bookmarking sites, blogging (or so I thought), link trading, and optimizing sites with keywords, meta, and title tags.  I believed content was king and through brute force I would reach #1 on Google.

Well, I did.  I got www.CodySperber.com to be #1 on Google for "Short Sale Realtor".  I got www.adjustMYLOAN.com to be #1 on Google for "Loan Modification Company".  I got www.ForeclosureCounseling.com to be #1 on Google for "Stop Foreclosure, Arizona".  I got www.SellQuickForCash.com to rank on the first page for almost every search term that involved selling your house for cash in Arizona.  And now I am working on www.kleverINVESTOR.com for the search terms "Arizona Investment Properties For Sale" and "Arizona foreclosures for sale".

The point is I thought I figured it all out.  I blogged focusing on getting my sites to the top of the search engines completely ignoring how I sounded or what the tone of my posts were.  I found that if I put out a post about a certain topic on activerain.com within hours I was on the first page for that specific topic.  I blogged like a press release.

My Blogs Sucked And Everyone New It!

Actually my whole online social networking strategy sucked.  I quickly got 15,000 followers on Twitter.com/CodySperber ...not one knew who I was or cared about me or my business.  In fact because my micro blogging was all about how awesome my companies were many people just stopped following me all together!  On ActiveRain.com I had 5 blogs going about each company I owned.  No one barely responded or reblogged my posts!  I knew I was doing something wrong and I needed to restrategize my online appearance.

A Book You Should Read.

Then I was given a book from my in-laws called "Six Pixels Of Separation" by Mitch Joel.  The concept of the book is basically about how we are all connected via our online relationships.  It teaches you how to move beyond corporate mumbo jumbo and create a growing, vibrant social community by truly connecting with others on a personal level.  He also has a blog called "Six Pixels Of Separation - The Blog" that is packed with great advice on how to implement SEO and still make profitable connections.

A Simple Change To My Writing Style!

So I have decided to implement these new strategies and focus on personalization.  Something as simple as being courteous to anyone that does make a comment on a blog post by responding to them quickly.  No more linkbaiting (this is where you make a crappy comment on a blog just to get a link back to your website).  From now on I will put some thought into my comments.  Write about topics that people actually care about and not about how awesome my businesses are. 

Building online trust is actually a lot easier then you think.  This simple change has began to build a trust community around my personal and company brand that is worth way more than any other advertising that I have to pay for!  I am just starting to see the results from this change.  I am getting more and more comments on my blog posts.  Others are starting to blog about my company (and I didn't even have to pay them!!!)  I get more referrals because other online users know they can trust me based off my blog posts!  It's AMAZING easy it is to sign up a new client when it comes from a trustworthy referral source!!!

So my journey in real estate and my evolution as a blogger continues in 2010.  This year can be anything we make of it and I plan on taking full advantage of the awesome real estate deals available to us investors.  Right now I am buying around 1-2 homes a day at the courthouse steps, cleaning them up, and wholesaling them to other investors that don't have the time or resources to track every good deal being sold at auction.  If your in Arizona or want to talk about real estate investing call my office at (480) 374-5176 and ask for Cody.

To our continued success,

Cody Sperber (AKA Klever Investor)

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Cody Sperber SignatureCody is the founder and CEO of Clever Investor, the industry's premier source of quality real estate investing education. Cody has successfully closed many different types of real estate transactions including wholesale deals, short sales, multi-unit, subject to, lease options and his own proprietary investing strategy, the Reverse Short Sale. As a new investor Cody quickly gained a huge competitive advantage by mastering online lead generation, building one of the most successful real estate investing firms in the Arizona market. His companies have bought and sold hundreds of millions in properties and he has enjoyed several years where he's closed hundreds of real estate transactions. Before real estate Cody served time in the Navy and attended Arizona State. He is now married to his best friend and they have two beautiful children (Hudson and Brynlee).  Cody most recently published the Start Closing Deals course on real estate investors.


Lottie Kendall
Compass - San Francisco, CA
Helping make your real estate dreams a reality

Hi Cody -- your tag line, "...premature millionaire" gave me my morning chuckle. Clever. Good luck to you in finding your voice, something we all need to do.

Jan 07, 2010 01:21 AM
Cody Sperber
Clever Investor - Chandler, AZ

Hey we all got to start somewhere right! Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later!!!

Jan 07, 2010 01:29 AM