They want to buy...but they don't qualify!

Mortgage and Lending with Credit Repair Consultants

Just wanted to say Hello and Happy New Year to everyone!

I also thought I would invite comments or suggestions in the New Year to gather insight or the thoughts of others pertaining to SALES!

     If you don't know, I am in the credit restoration industry, which seems likened to a bad odor for some individuals whenever mentioned. Before I get to far off track I would say that in our industry we do sometimes have to defend our services because of the sins of others.


 A credit specialist who is both good & honest (having integrity) will agree that a proper analysis of a tri-merger will discern:


Can we help you?                   YES/NO         this is simple enough, remember integrity!    

How long will it take?                        NEAR FUTURE-under 30 days/LATER-60 days plus

Where to focus?                      Removal of derogatory accounts/ addition of positive trades/debt to credit ratio

Immediate opportunities?       AUTHORIZED USER/ RAPID RESCORE



HELP- making the difference between the current mid-score and what the lender requires to qualify!!!


I would say my biggest complaints about my own industry are:

 1. Subscription Programs-

     If an individual is referred to you with a mid-score of 590, having adequate trades and 10 old derogatory accounts, why would you place them on a subscription service which will only address 1 or 2 of the items per month? For the green that's why. It is designed gather money on monthly basis but it is not (in the short term) beneficial for the broker.


Why not rapidly address each item on the report, taking advantage of any opportunity of closing this baby out for the broker and creating a kick butt synonymous relationship???????????


Anyway, credit services can work with some individuals and some it cannot. It's just a matter of telling the ones you can't help before you sign them up.

 2. Consumers-

     Is it not time for us all to be credit specialist to some extent?? A credit report can look like the matrix to some and clear as day to others. What a consumer needs to know is that they have the same power as we to do accomplish the exact same outcome. I make it clear to each client that everything we do you can do yourself!!! (believe it or not this does not have them running from our service). I tell them we are similar to a tax specialist or lube/oil service. We are setup to make their/your lives easier. We do all the follow-ups, grunt work that they/you don't really want to do and we organize and track it. It kills me when a person mentions that they have a lawyer working on their credit profile. But I guess you can say I am a bit more frugal.

      Anyway, I started this to get pulse on what everyone thought this year will bring. I know that I have experienced a lull for the last couple of months which coincides with the drop in home purchases.

 Well, to everyone Good Luck and may the promise of great tax refunds coerce the timid into once again thinking about their dream home!



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Dana Couch-Davis
Kendall Haney Realty Group - Memphis, TN

Points to be taken and reflected on Paul.  Thank you for sharing that.  I run into lots of people who need info like that.

Jan 07, 2010 03:29 AM