Do all people Suck?

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In my line of work I am asked from time to time for referrals to vendors (painters, roofers, lenders, landscapers, you name it....I've been asked)  It doesnt happen often but when it does, I make sure that I refer someone that will get the job done.  A few weeks ago, a good client of mine asked for a referral to a vendor as he was making some changes in his business for 2010.  I referred him 2 diferent people that I felt could help him.  I found out yesterday that while they promised the world, (who doesnt right) they didnt deliver.  Later in the day as my client and I traded text messages about the referrals, (mine were appologizing for his experience, his were asking if all people suck?".)  It got me thinking.....Do All People Suck?  I pride myself on giving a superior level of service; its because of the service that I strive to provide that its especially noticeable when someone else drops the hurts.  Do all people Suck? 


Its unfortunate but I expect someone to let me down or not follow through until they prove me different.  Isnt that Sad?  I actually expect someone to FAIL!  To my surprise, my client felt the same way,...... he had also been let down countless times and was just looking for someone that would just follow through as expected.  In the Real Estate industry we see all kinds of designations on business cards....ABR, CRS, GRI, EPRO, CDPE the list goes on and on.  Do any of these designations guarantee a level of service? That you will do as you say? Nope.  Doesnt it make sense to have a service designation in a service industry like Real Estate? 


I have an idea, about a new designation the "I Dont Suck".  The "I Dont Suck" designation would let everyone know that you are the creme of the crop in what you do. That you have the stamp of approval from others that have worked with you. That you can be counted on to do as you say. Sounds like basic requirements to be in business, sadly its not.

What should the basic requirements be?  90 hours of class instruction? A proven record of delivering on past committments?  Letters of recommendation from past clients?  A high score from a secret shopper? Written Test? You must have a relentless approach to your clients needs and care.

The number 1 complaint in the real estate industry (Realtors, Escrow, Title, Lending) is lack of communication.  In a service occupation like real estate many fail to provide the most basic service....Communication. 


So being the marketing guy that I am I thought, I should form a new marketing campaign.....

We are 6 days into the New Year, many have made their New Years resolutions and most have already given up.  Because its customary to make changes every year, maybe now is the time to explore a change in Title Company? Specifically a title rep that believes in the concept of "I Dont Suck!"

Thats it........I am hereby announcing that "I Dont Suck!"


What this means to you....

I will routinely underpromise and over deliver

I will check in routinely with updates (even if there is nothing to report)

I will promise something in 1 hour, knowing I can deliver within 10 minutes

I will ask for feedback...How can I get better?

I will Guarantee a pleasant experience.

and most importantly, I will Guarantee to Do As I Say.

Thats it. Who wants to stand up and say "I dont Suck!" with me?


If you are in the Phoenix Metro area, are a Realtor, Lender or Investor, have been let down numerous times and are ready for a change, lets talk. 


             I.D.S. = "I Dont Suck!" 










Stephen Garner

Marketing Representative

Security Title Agency

Direct: 480.223.813


Web: www.MyTitleGuy.Net for all your marketing escrow and title needs.




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