Getting Your Properties For Sale Noticed at the Top of Google

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The first step in getting your "real estate for sale" to the top of Google is to be very conscious about the "title" that you use for your property. With most real estate website's you will notice the URL to properties will look like "". This URL (or link) will do you no real search engine optimization power at all. No one is going to go to any search for homes for sale by typing "property_id=4578832".

The first step to getting your individual properties to the top of the search engines is as simple as changing the title of the property you have for sale. The title is one of the most important keyphrases you can use because those keyphrase are typically the way people search, the way Google indexes that property and ultimately the way you get found online. Be very specific in the way you title your properties for sale or rent.

Please read the rest of the story to see one of the ways that you can get your property adds to the top of Google quickly

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