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Out of My Friday Moanin' Mind; The Power of Process

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Last night The Alabama Crimson Tide became the champions of college football. They deserved to win. they played better than Texas so win they did. Living in Michigan I am familiar with Coach Nick Saban, who used to coach Michigan State. I new he was a good coach. he had success here in Michigan, success at LSU and now at Alabama. I also new he preached a certain philosophy: It's not the result, it's the process!

Nick Saban

We in Real Estate could use that lesson. So often we focus on our goals but not on the process to achieve those goals. When sales figures don't come in as high as we'd like we cry and wail and moan and do everything but trust what we know will work. Saban trusted what he know would work. In fact, ESPN called him a "grinder". When they lost the SEC title to Florida in '08, Saban took the blame and grinded on, always trusting the process. This is a lesson he teaches to his students/players.

Deepak Chopra says in his Indian brogue,'when you have done everything you can to achieve your goal, you must let go of the outcome. Simply let go."

We learn very early in our careers that we're supposed to care about the clients needs more than our own. Buyers and sellers know when we are desperate. They know if the sale matters more to us than it does to them. It's up to us to learn to trust the process.

It's really very simple. How many calls must you make to get an appointment? How many mailers, e-mail newsletters, follow up with internet leads does it take to get face to face with a client? How many listings do you need for a sale? O.k. get them and let go of the outcome.

I think we can all learn a valuable lesson from Nick Saban and the Alabama win.

Let go of the outcome and believe in the Power of the Process!

Tim Krueger
Morovish Properties - Costa Mesa, CA

Jerry- thank you for sharing your insight.  My broker invited me to the game but I had to decline for date night with my wife. 

Jan 08, 2010 01:58 AM
David Monsour
Keller Williams Keystone Realty - Gettysburg, PA
ABR - www.realty-insights.com

I do like Nick Saban.  I really like the message of your post as well, but my A.D.D. is going to get me sidetracked so I'm going to run with that.  I really wish Colt McCoy would have been able to play the whole game.  I think it would have really made for a interesting turn of events.  Texas just didn't look to be the team that I had seen earlier in the year.  I can't imagine Texas punting that many times with their star quarterback in the game.

Jan 08, 2010 02:01 AM