Success in 2009? How did THAT happen?

Real Estate Agent with Fred Williams New Home Sales, Inc

It's a common question lately - "You're a Realtor? how's business?"  My answer, in turn, is not what the asker usually expects.  That's become BUSINESS is great!  2009 was a record year for our company, having contracted over 200 homes in the Savannah Metropolitan Area.  This success was the result of years of planning and the vision of a brilliant man, as well as a daily dedication to working a solid business plan. 

I am a member of the new home sales division with Fred Williams New Home Sales, Inc. and we promote the concept "More House, Less Money" while implementing the philosophy of "Do well by doing good".  This combination of quality and customer service seems to be the key to our company's success.

Our sales team is comprised of eight of the top salespeople in the Savannah Metropolitan Area, with proven success records in the real estate industry.  In addition to the sales agents, there is a tremendous network of support staff that is dedicated to improving and increasing the success of our department and company as a whole.

Our sales department operates like a well-oiled machine.  Our staff is highly educated, with each member responsible for their own individual tasks.   The overall philosophy at Fred Williams places a strong emphasis on research - more specifically market trends, competition, financing options, buyer demographics, and marketing.  This research has contributed to the amazing success of our sales team, allowing the agents to offer buyers a more comprehensive reasoning for purchasing a Fred Williams Home, as well as allowing the company as a whole to plan for the future by looking at the past.

Research into market trends and competition allows our sales department to provide the maximum offering of energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal, while aiming to beat our competitor's pricing.  Research of buyer demographics and marketing ensures that our message reaches the buyers that would benefit the most from our product.  As financing has become such a changing entity throughout the past year, our company has managed stay informed and even anticipate issues so that our buyers were minimally affected, even to the extent of providing credit counseling to those in need. 

"More House, Less Money" is a concept that was needed in our area.  As the real estate bubble swelled around us years ago, Fred Williams began offering the concept of affordable homeownership for everyone, including larger families.  He had his architects design a home that maximized usage and square footage, as well as reduce waste.  He then began pioneering an environmentally friendly house, a concept that was foreign to most builders in this area.  He had his construction department negotiate pricing with sub-contractors, demanding a higher quality job in return, while searching for land deals for subdivisions.  He then passed all of these savings - from land development, materials, construction and ultimately utilities - on to the buyer.  "More House, Less Money" has benefits that extend beyond simple square footage and price.  Fred Williams homes are designed with maximum storage, functional living area, and energy efficiency in mind, and our buyers reap the rewards of that design and practicality daily. 

As a sales agent, I am confident that when my customer purchases their home, they are getting an excellent value that will benefit them now and in the future, and that they won't hesitate to recommend a Fred Williams home to their friends and family. 

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