A Tool I Can't Do Without

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Top Bragg Realty, Fayetteville NC, Home of the 82d ABN DIV

I spent a few days last week trying to learn to use a new and upgraded phone.  In doing so, I lost one of the features I had grown accustomed to, my Voice to Text.  You never realize how much you love or, in my case, need something until you are without it.  If I am unable to take a call, the message is transcribed and sent via text to my phone.  I no longer have to wait until after a meeting to find out what the caller wanted by opening my voicemail.  I can do it while I sit quietly and noone is the wiser.  There are several V2T carriers out there and prices vary but you should definitely try it.  As a guide, my service is 5.99/mo and I have unlimited text.  Howver, if I had to pay more I would just to have the feature.  BTW, the new phone, Storm 2, didn't work well for me so I had to go back to old faithful, my Blackberry curve.  All's well that ends well.

Abundant blessings, LP

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