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By: Grant Gerver

There is such a glut of homes on the market, how do you sell yours? There are "For Sale" signs dotting the landscape like never before. So, how do you make yours stand out? I'm not going to discuss pricing because that is not my area of expertise. I'm talking about advertising to make your home rise above the others. It's all about exposure. And now, you've got online classified advertising to help you along, but it's not like you're alone!

Good pictures of your home are essential. Take many shots of your house and let potential buyers and investors see what you've got. Make sure you have a good headline that will stand out without being so overly hyped as to scare people away.

So, which classified ad sites should you use? Well, there are too many to count. So, why not take advantage of as many as you reasonably can? Pick the industry leaders, as well as the newer upstarts. While they may not have nearly as many viewers, your house will at least have a chance to be seen. And, as a new classified site grows, so does your exposure. I just happen to work for one, and it's free to list your home. Then, they'll let you list as many homes as you like (and just about anything else) for next-to-nothing. It's a realtor's paradise, whether you're a broker, agent, or selling your house by yourself. With the Internet technology in place these days and a digital camera, anyone can become a seasoned house-listing expert in no time.

You might as well hit as many bases as you can. If you are selling anything, advertising in a persistent, clear, concise manner is what it's always been about. It's just that today, there are literally countless places to do this. You can take advantage like never before, realizing that you will have tons of competition. But, you have to actively pursue it depending upon how badly you want, or need, to sell your home. The nice thing is, once your ads are in place, they can remain on a classified advertising site for a long time, depending on the terms of any given site. Some, like the company I consult for, will let you leave your ads up forever, allowing you to edit them as often as you like.

Whether you should pay to list your home online is totally up to you. While it might prove worth the price, you must determine your advertising budget, if you have one in the first place. Many folks just don't have an extra dime to spare. Search for reviews of particular websites on Google, Bing, Ask, and their counterparts to find information about the success of other would-be sellers and the sites they use.

Just remember: to be in the game, you must maximize exposure if you are to have any reasonable chance of selling your home in the desperate economic conditions we all face.

Grant Brad Gerver is an entrepreneur and creative consultant for Filibi, an online classified and coupon advertising site and free home business paying 70% commissions to its members. He's also a YouTube blues singer-songwriter and guitar player (gbgerver) who performs with The Buzzard Brothers. Additionally, Grant writes political humor, thousands of bumper stickers, and humorous movie reviews. He has also worked with various companies as a product-naming specialist. He's a retired elementary school teacher and published children's author who works in the health care field.

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