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Being apart of these Historic Times by purchasing a Foreclosure Home

Real Estate Agent with Results Realty Services, LLC and Mossy Oak Townhomes

This is once in a lifetime opportunity to be apart of these Historic Times. Foreclosure Homes have flooded the subdivisions across our towns. We are educating our communities and helping Families accomplish the American Dream of Home Ownership. We would love for you to come with us on our North Atlanta Foreclosure Home Tour.

Brookhaven is one of the towns we hold our tours in. Brookhaven is located just north of North Buckhead and south of Chamblee. Atlanta residents began constructing summer cottages in the community around 1900. Today, Brookhaven has become one of metropolitan Atlanta's most affluent communities. Historically, there were modest neighborhoods surrounding the historic estates. Historic Brookhaven, Residential neighborhood located at the area's core, and is sometimes simply referred to as Brookhaven. It has homes surrounding the Capital City Club ranging from 800k to 4m. Doing the Brookhaven Foreclosure Home tour has been another chapter to add to the history for me. Speaking of which, as we were leading the tour, I would remember back when I was a little girl. I would ride in the back of my fathers' pickup truck as we rode through the streets of Brookhaven selling watermelons. I have so many memories of the Brookhaven. I have been living and working around Atlanta since 1971.

I would love to share with you one of the great home deals that came out of the tour. We had met a gentleman on the home tour. He was an Investor whom wanted to invest in a home that he could custom finish to resell for a future profit. We found just the deal. It was a four sided natural brick four story home. It will be custom finished into a 6 bedroom / 6.5 baths home that with a resale value over 800k in a down market with the potential of 1m in an up market. The home was framed only in the inside. The negotiation of the transaction was with a buyer who knew the market and held his own. We were able to get the home at a very low 30% down from list price. It took a strong and firm offer that got the job done. This was just one of a few that were able to take an advantage of these times and was able to purchase a home at a great price.

Linda had great success on our Brookhaven Home Foreclosure tours in 2009.