3rd fastest growing county in the state

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86th Fastest Growing County In the Nation
Boone County, Illinois

Boone County is the 86th fastest growing county in the US based on rate of growth between January 2000 and July 2006 for all counties that began the century with more than ten thousand inhabitants, according to recent U.S. Census Bureau estimates.

Boone County which was founded in 1837, grew in population to 41,784 by the year 2000. In the six years that marked the beginning of the 21st Century, the county increased the number of inhabitants by 25.9 percent bringing the estimated total population in July 2006 to 52,617.

The outstanding growth of the last six years has made Boone County the third fastest growing county in the Prairie State of Illinois and the 86th fastest in the nation.

The median value for homes within the 281 square mile jurisdiction of Boone County was $123,600 in 2000 and increased by almost 40% to $205,825 for 2006. It is clear that Boone County, Illinos is beginning to fit the metropolitian pattern. Growth pressures are increasing both from the Rockford Metro area to the west and the Chicago Metro area to the east. The County is at the beginning of what could be the urbanization and suburbanization of he County. This has implications for the future character of the County and it is important for the County to consider "Buildout Community Character" as part of it's plan. As the wave of urbanization hits the County with more force in the coming years, the County should be aware of the choices it faces in terms of population growth and it's potential effects on comunity character.

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