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If U.S. financing were not available to you, how could you get your hands on some funding anyway? Think like an Australian. They are willing to put 50% down while paying over 8% and 6 points to get a loan.

Who do you know who'd like that kind of return as a private lender, knowing their money is secured to income property? Private financing may be all around you.

One of RWN's team members gathered a group of colleagues and they pooled their IRA funds to buy Dallas property. 2010 will be another year of unprecedented deals. Don't let it pass you by. :-)

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Don Eichler
Eichler Properties - Granbury, TX

Kathy,  We do some private financing but never with terms as stated for Australia.  However we are very strict on each property and buyer.  Our rates are higher than the going rates but not at the top of what some charge.

Jan 16, 2010 02:00 AM