Real Estate Appraisers, the key to a good closing!

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Real Estate Appraisers, the key to a good closing!

When it comes to Real Estate Appraisers, Real Estate agents have their list of the good, the bad and the ugly. Just like Realtors, Real Estate Appraisers have different backgrounds, ideas of professionalism, areas of expertise, work ethic, morals and common sense. All are not created equal and I have met both! Whether we are talking about Real Estate Agents or Real Estate Appraisers, our reputation precedes us and we should keep that in mind when doing business.  We have a profession like no other and we are as good as our name and reputation, which is usually all we have.

For Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, sellers or buyers alike, we can all only hope that we get a good appraiser to handle our contract. An appraiser who knows his/her professional and who has a reputation for accurate appraisals. Why do I say this? Because there have been times when things are missed, the wrong home comparables are used or out dated and common sense is not applied. The point is that having a good agent who stays on top of the appraisal process, meets the appraiser at the property and is willing to challenge low or crazy appraisal prices is in any buyer or seller's best interest.

I once had applied for a part time position for Real Estate Appraisers from National Appraisal Company who was advertising for part-time Real Estate Appraisers in the Colorado Springs area. I thought it would be a great additional tool in my cap in real estate to understand exactly what Real Estate Appraisers go throughand what it takes to complete an appraisal. Although I passed my test, there were not enough positions available for the number of people who successfully passed the test in this area, so I was not offered a position. No biggy! Because real estate consulting is my main focus, I did not pursue anything, but learned a lot during the process. I will say that had I not been knowledgeable in construction, after many years of joining my dad on his construction projects, I would not have passed. Having said that, I was still surprised at the amount of information Real Estate Appraisers have to know in order to do their job. It was very impressive and enlightening.

Having a qualified, knowledgeable Colorado Springs Realtor is a great tool for home buyers or sellers to have on their side, when engaging in a real estate transaction. Don't just higher anyone, hire a professional that has the skills to meet your needs. But don't just take my word for it that I provide top notch, hassle free service, read my Testimonial Page and see what others say about my services.

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