Home Stager with Transformed Rooms

We all know that each new year brings challenges, disappointments, and successes.  This past year was a major challenge to all of us.  No matter your income level each one of us experienced some change in our life.  This year I am dedicated to increasing my client base and creating beautiful living spaces and improving the sales market with outstanding staging. 

That brings me to my question of curiousity.  What are your goals this year?  Like me I know you have seen the ads and have probably been contacted by various charity organizations to volunteer your time and donate when and where you can.  I believe we can do a great to help those in need on so many levels with just the simple act of sharing. 

Being a part of the Real Estate Industry is a great way to share with others.  Think about how many individuals benefit from just one listing and sale of a property.  No matter what role you play in the process you enrich the lives of those involved.

That brings me to my request. The experts are calling for an improvement in the sales market as the year progresses.  As a Realtor you know how important the first impression can make or break a sale.  The process of selling a home can be overwhelming and for those of us in the industry it is our job to relieve the stress of our clients during the process.  As a stager my goal is to improve the marketability of a property but more importantly enrich the lives of my client.  Staging can involve a wide range of projects and/or individuals to transform the property.  Sometimes it may only involve the homeowner.  When the property is staged is shows better, and best of all results in a quicker and profitable sale.  At the closing table think for a moment of all the people that benefited from the sale. 

I encourage each one of you to spread your blessings each time you list a property and start by contacting a Real Estate Stager.  You will be surprised at how many lives you touch!

Make it a great day!   

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