From Berlin, Germany to Phoenix, Arizona and now working in Surprise, AZ. Wow!!

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Here is the reason I'm going way back to days long, long ago. When I was speaking to friends and clients they found my background interesting. Yes, a continuing blog was sub jested. So here it goes. My Mom and I came from Germany to Phoenix, Arizona back in 1961. Why Phoenix, well my Uncle who had sponsored us fell ill, my Moms sister was living in Arizona. You can't reschedule a major move like this, so we came to Phoenix, Arizona. Here the story begins. We arrived in mid April, as we were debarking from the plane we could smell the Orange Blossoms in the air. The Sun was setting over the mountains to the west. My mom took my hand and said "we are staying". Wow, Milwaukee, Wisconsin would have been nice, but how can you beat Arizona. If you have an answer please feel free to comet. (Today we are enjoying another boring 70 something degree kind of a winter day.) That’s my mom to the left, me in the middle and Tante Ingetraut. My Aunt is still living in Bad Wiessee am Tegernsee, Germany. It seems our family has gotten smaller as time goes on. I hope she may read this Blog. I will continue this Blog about my family History, I hope you will enjoy.

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