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What is the number one "New Year's Resolution?"   Yep, you guess it... This year I'm gonna loose weight, I'm gonna slim down, I'm gonna start moving...I'm gonna get HEALTHY!  Why is it that American's spend more on weight loss and fitness than any other country in the world, but we are still one of the un-healthiest??  Doesn't make sense to me...unless, maybe because everyone is looking for that 'magic pill', the quick fix.  Is that you?

Please Help...

Check out this website- Glycemic Index Success Stories.

It is the ability to vote on which diet has been the
most effective for you.

If you will please vote on this, add any comments you wish,
as it will be of help to others wanting to be healthier.

Yes, excess fat is not just a size problem it is an additional
health issue-leading to at least 22 different health concerns as
well as premature death.

Add whatever helped you accomplish your goals-even if  you
need to put it in the comments section.

Thank you so much for your help.  The U.S. in the third Fattest
country in the world, we do need help!

(click on the link and participate)

I do appreciate that you care.

Good Health to You,

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