Finding Motivation Going to Extraordinary Measures

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What motivates you? Anyone that has been to enough sales seminars has surely been asked to role play. To selling something (i.e. a pen) as if the lives of your family depended on it. Well, what if it really did? What if your family dies unless you are successful? This is the story of Extraordinary Measures, Opening Jan 22nd.

Now don't worry, this based on a true story has a happy Hollywood ending.
On Jan 11th I got to see a sneak preview of Extraordinary Measures staring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford, based on the Pulitzer winning novel "The Cure" by Geeta Anand. The story of a Father, John Crowley (Brendan Fraser), who risks it all to save the lives of two of his children dying of Pompe Disease.John lives a comfortable life with his wife Aileen (Kerri Russell) and kids in Portland, Oregon as they manage the disease until one of their kids gets really sick. This is when John's test of character really begins.John flies to Lincoln, Nebraska (Go Huskers!) to enlist the help of Doctor Robert Stonehill (Harrison Ford), a scientist working on a promising cure. John promises to give the Dr $500,000 as a grant from his foundation to help with the research to find a cure. Well the foundation did not exist until John promised Dr. Stonehill the funds. Over the next 30 days John and Aileen pound the phones networking like crazy. Connecting with families all over the US with the same disease, and using every resource at their disposal to raise the money.They fell short of the $500,000 but managed to raise over $90,000. John's efforts lead us to his next test. John must decide to give up a comfortable job and insurance at Bristol-Meyers Squib or risk it all and start a new company with Dr. Stonehill to develop this new therapy. With medical bills of $40,000 a month could you risk everything? John does. John risks it all for a chance at his real dream. Not just to be comfortable. But to make life better and longer for his children.

Brendan Fraser played a remarkably warm father figure. While Fraser's performance is far from Oscar worthy I think he has made far strides from chasing Mummies. Ford keeps the movie light with the well written one liners to get us laughing after some of the heavier moments. The movie was inspirational. I was compelled not just to write this blog, but the movie had me asking myself a question.

The question that resonates with me an hour after seeing the Premier is, What motivates me? While I am single and have no kids of my own yet, I'd still have to say it is my family. The need to help provide a better life for them. To be able to help my mother live comfortably and not have to work. To be able to help give my niece the opportunities for education that my family could not provide for me. To know that they are happy enjoying life is what motivates me. What motivates you?

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Mary Hillerman
Crye-Leike Realtors® - Bentonville, AR

Hi Nate, nice post, your niece is a lucky girl.  Have a great spring season.

Apr 07, 2013 11:16 PM