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So far I have had only one response on my previous (apparently untimely post) Basically a Realtor in MA describes an all around good attorney.  An attorney that is responsive and true to his clients.   Read below and answer this question, "What do you want to see out of your Real Estate Attorney?


It is 2010. A brand new year off to a sluggish start. From my advertising background I recall that it is a good ideato poll the needs of your target audience. My target audience is the real estate professional market. If you are from a state that is a title insurance company state, you need not reply. . . However, if you are from an attorney state where attorneys review contracts and conduct closings, where Realtors often refer clients to attorneys that they know and trust, then let me know what you are looking for in your Real Estate Attorney?

Is it accessibility?

Friendly Staff?

Good Communication via email? - phone?

Simply results and reputation?

Knowledgeable in the filed - Public Speaker? Seminars?

Free Calendars?

Other. . .

Let me know and I will post the results!




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Barb Fischer
Big Block Realty - La Mesa, CA
San Diego and La Mesa Real Estate

Nyles, being from CA I don't qualify, but your list reminded me that those are the qualities that all us agents should have too!

Jan 12, 2010 11:14 AM
Robert May
Robert W May - Lethbridge Real Estate - Lethbridge, AB
Real estate consulting

Hi Nyles,

over my 16+ years of real estate I have been around the block a dozen times with lawyers of all sorts.  I have had some who tried to council the client to shop for other properties, some who have tried to renegotiate the deal, lots who made major mistakes, and countless number of them who tried to renegotiate the transaction that was handed to them.


All I look for now in a lawyer is one who will process the transaction that is provided to them.  No selling of extra stuff, no advising on issues that are outside the scope of the transaction, no hunting for issues they can litigate on, no trying renegotiate the transaction after it has already been signed and delivered, etc.


I encourage all clients to seek legal advice BEFORE signing, but after the fact, all I expect is the processing of the transaction provided in the smoothest and most efficient manner possible.  As a result I find myself not recommending those who I think are the greatest legal minds, but rather those who are the most reliable.

Robert May

"Please feel free to come visit by my blog and leave a comment too, it is how I meet the majority of my new friends here at activerain.  I always try to reply to comments and to return the favor by visiting your blog as well - Robert May"


Jan 12, 2010 11:19 AM
Karin Elliott
IBA Realty Group - Big Canoe, GA
14 Years as a Broker & Making Dreams Come True

Nyles, I am SO happy you asked this. In Georgia we must close with attorneys. I have one I stick to because:

1: They know me when I call up and say "Hi, it's Karin", not Karin Elliott.

2: They communicate with prompt friendly replies, No surprises in the end.

3: Jim, the closing attorney is always on time and takes time to answer every question buyers or sellers may have without looking at his watch.

4; Most Important: The closing table is always has a candy jar in the middle. :) Gotta keep everybody happy!

Jan 12, 2010 11:23 AM
Nyles Courchesne
Peskin, Courchesne and Allen, P.C. - Springfield, MA
Massachusetts Real Estate Attorney

Hello and thanks for the comments!


Barb: I appreciate the response and I guess it is a universal question

Robert: I agree with the "don't renegotiate the deal" motto.  So long as the client gets an opportunity to review the contract with an attorney before they sign.  When I review contracts i go through the common issues, mistakes and I take a peek at  the deed to make sure that the description of the land matches the client's expectations.  In other words, I issue spot, I do not "issue create".  Thanks for the tips!

Karin: I think that "Friendly" is the key to your response and of central importance to you and that is good to know.  I like the candy jar idea!

Thank You All. ..



Jan 12, 2010 12:50 PM
Elizabeth Bolton
RE/MAX Destiny Real Estate Cambridge, MA - Cambridge, MA
Cambridge MA Realtor

Hi Nyles ~ Karin has a good list. 

Communication is huge, competence is of course a must-have, yes - friendly, professional staff is good (your receptionist is one of the most important people in your office and come to think of it having a receptionist is waaay better than not), and a general sense that we are on the same team. 

I once worked with an attorney who kept referring to "my client" - hold on there - I gave "your" clients your name! - if you have to call them something other than their names "our clients" would work.

An even temper - or lack of a temper for that matter is pretty important too. 

Back to competence - somebody who's sharp, catches things, and who's on top of the transaction is key.

Those are a few quick ones off the top of my head.


Jan 12, 2010 01:36 PM
Nyles Courchesne
Peskin, Courchesne and Allen, P.C. - Springfield, MA
Massachusetts Real Estate Attorney

Thanks Liz:

I like the "let's be on the same team approach".  It is"our client" after all.  I agree with the receptionist as well. The friendly - I am glad that you called approach is much better than the "what now" attitude. . .

Jan 12, 2010 01:40 PM