Depressed, Delinquent and ready to leave your home? Call me now, I can help!

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Depressed, DELINQUENT with your mortgage, ready to leave your home? CALL ME NOW I can HELP YOU, your friends and family!

Should you be in trouble with your mortgage and just recently experience hardship, please do not leave your property. If I may introduce myself, I am Tessie Cuy and my bio is at my website. It gives me great pleasure and peace of mind to help my fellow men. click on and read my bio and a few testimonials.

I have been a loan agent and licensed real estate professional since 2003 and now have SOMETHING called PRINCIPAL LOAN REDUCTION BASED ON CURRENT MARKET VALUE ( not a loan MODIFICATION but BETTER) for those who wish to lower the monthly mortgage. FICO SCORES not an issue, processing is full documentation and the fee is reasonably affordable AND REFUNDED WHEN DECLINED. In the past your 200K loan could cost you easily a $4000 closing costs, but our program will cost the same whether your mortgage is 1,000,000 or 400K, or even 150K. The only difference is we do not do those STATED INCOME documentation or THE WELL KNOWN LIAR LOANS.

We will do your refinancing BASED ON THE CURRENT MARKET VALUE. Like I said REFINANCING, not a SHORT SALE where you lost your home. NOT a FORBEARANCE where the bank allows you to decrease your payment but hit you in the back end for MORE dough like death sentence. My program will forgive the difference of your new LOAN from the OLD LOAN as we are getting 90% of the current MARKET VALUE thus REDUCING WHAT YOU OWE, instead of KILL you, we are saving your PEACH OF MIND, YOUR HOME AND most of all YOUR HEALTH AND WELL BEING. There is no tax consequences on the FORGIVEN mortgage due to the declining value! Hard to believe but it is true.

So what are you waiting for? Call me at 510-653-9518 and if you have any questions, please email me here or just give me a ring. Http://

Have a happy day, smile and let's talk!

Tessie Cuy, your LOAN AGENT for Life
Century 21 Real Estate Agent
761 El Camino Real
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Real Estate in Delhi

hi, can i know about that price?

Jan 28, 2010 04:21 PM
Tessie Cuy

Thanks for your inquiry, please tell me your scenario. Address of the property so I can give you a spread sheet and you can see how much you save. The new loan will be 90% of the current market value, or you can skype me at "emerynet"

We do not do Delhi, we do nationwide in USA.

Jan 29, 2010 03:04 AM