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baseball Wooleniums photo Who's on First? 

Real Living First Service Realty  is the first of the  GMAC Franchises to convert to Real Living! 

Don't worry!  Luckily for you I don't remember much more of the classic Abbot and Costello routine "Who's on First."  

Real Living First Service Realty  is the first of the GMAC Franchises to convert to Real Living.

In November 2009, Real Living merged with GMAC Real Estate and at that time it was announced that Real Living would be the brand replacing GMAC Real Estate for participating franchisees.

Real Living LogoWho's the first GMAC brokerage to announce they are a "participating franchise?" First Service Realty based in Miami Florida. Big company, 11 offices and 725 associates.  With plans of expansion according to the press releases, I've seen.  

Some details about Real Living First Service Realty formerly First Service Realty GMAC from a press release:

"Led by President and CEO Eduardo San Roman, First Service Realty experienced meteoric growth over the past three years, expanding from seven offices and 250 agents in 2006 to 11 offices and 725 agents today.  And San Ramon, who founded the company with his wife Maria in 1984, is projecting more growth now that his company has joined forces with Real Living.  The company previously did business as First Service Realty GMAC Real Estate."

The press release on RealLiving.com Press Release from Real Living

The Real Living First Service Realty website will go from the Blue and Orange of the GMAC brand to the Red and White of Real Living. The Real Living First Service Realty website now has a banner saying  "Real estate is changing.  We're changing too."

Who is Real Living?  “The Most Promising New National Brand,” according to the Swanepoel TRENDS Report.  The change from the GMAC brand started in 2008 when Brookfield bought GMAC Real Estate. Stefan Swanepoel wrote about it:  Merge creates one of the largest reall estate franchises in North America


"I don't even know what I am talking about."  That's one of Abbot's lines in Abbot and Costello's  "Who's on Firtst" routime...   or the short fat guys.  I think that is Abbot...  but who am I to be blogging about this?  Just a little real estate agent in Central Ohio birthplace of Real Living.  I work for Real Living HER.  Real Living HER formerly HER Realtors has been  Central Ohio's number one real estate for decades.  It is exciting to have "cousins" in Miami and throughout Florida now with Real Living First Service Realty.  

Welcome to Real Living!  Who's with Real Living First Service Realty on ActiveRain?  Or on Twitter?  Or Facebook?  Please raise your hand.

hmmm I wonder "Who's on second?"

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