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Military spouses remembered for their contributions

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Many people will never know what it is like to be a military spouse. There is much more to us than what you see. Being a military spouse means the world to me. I have the greatest admiration for my husband and our sailors. I know when he is at sea he would rather be home with me. I know when he is home with me he is also worried about his sailors at sea. When my husband and I started to date the first thing he said, was I will not give up my life in the Navy, you will have to accept this is who I am. Well ten years later I still support and accept who he is. We have moved from California to Maryland and then to Texas. I know the job he does is a lifestyle and not one for every person. I have seen spouses at their best and their worst. I have been to homecomings and memorial services but I would never change my life. I enjoy being a military spouse. it is a great moment in my heart to hear that there is a proposed monument that would honor the sacrifices of America's unsung military heroes –the military spouse, who tends the homefront while military personnel are away protecting us. If you would like to view the news video you can do so at http://www.wvec.com/video/military-index.html?nvid=155992&shu=1