Retail/Shopping Trends in Orange County

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Orange County Advertising is more important than ever to today's business owners in what is considered a "down market".

A study commissioned by IBM found the following U.S. Consumer Trends based on 4000k phone interviews:

· 72% of respondents have made "significant spending cuts" due to economy.  Hardest hit are those earning less than $45,000, but 59% of those earning greater than $100,000 have also cut back.  

· Steps taken to change: 49% shop at more stores to get best deal, 35% switched grocery stores.  

· "It used to be much more about price & want, now it's all about value & need.  This is a much more sophisticated approach to shopping," says IBM Institute for Business Value.

· Shopping for clothes is major area of cutback:  38% say they're buying less clothing & 20% say they're buying cheaper brands.   People are also more open to online coupons sent to their mobile devices to save money.

(Source for the above:  OC Register, 9/25/09)

How can you, the Orange County Business Owner, use this information to better utilize your advertising dollar?



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