Lesson Learned...I'm going Old School!

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Some of you may remember the Success Tracker that you were given when you started the 100 Days to Greatness program. I was so excited to get my blue box full of goodies and I had grand plans to do what I was told and sell lots of homes. I am doing most of what I am told however I never once wrote in the success tracker that I received in 2006 (I think it was that long ago). I trusted my handy, dandy laptop to take care of my most prized possessions...my clients, friends, family, & referrals. Well, that laptop let me down. On Saturday my laptop decided to retire. It thought about it for a minute as I kept trying to get it running...it would tease me and make a cute little noise here and there...then finally it had enough. I know it had enough because it had the computer smell of death (otherwise known as the smell of burning plastic). If I were smarter than the computer I would have backed up 5 years of information, you know, just a little protection like a life insurance policy. But nooooo, this will never happen to me, My Data is Invincible...I don't need no stinkin' Backup! Yeah, Right! I am now working on rebuilding my life (okay, maybe that was extreme), my database. But before I enter any of my precious information into my computer (which I will back up now), I am going to go old school and enter everyone into my old, brand new Success Tracker courtesy of Brian Buffini. If there is a silver lining in this...I now have a reason to call everyone that I can think of and update their information and maybe even ask for a referral or two (to help pay for the new computer). Here's to a successful 2010 for all! Kathy Manganello Oh yeah, go back up your computer while you are thinking of it!

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Frances C. Rokicki
Fran Rokicki Realty, LLC - Bolton, CT

Kathy, LOL!  Sounds like you've had a tough day with your computer!  If you bring it to a computer company, they still can pull out the hard drive and maybe, save your information.  This happened to me last year and I was lucky.  They were able to save, almost everything for me, on an external hard drive.

I use the Tracker.  I use every tool or system that Buffini offers.  Because I know that they work.  I think it's good that now, you will be calling your database:)  That's a good habit to have for the rest of this year, too. I call my A+ and A's every month!  Even some B's!  You can, also, use the online Tracker at www.BuffiniandCompany.com

Now, I know for sure, that I will see you at MasterMind in August!  You will have an awesome year!Whoo Hoo!

It's a Good Life,


Jan 13, 2010 07:47 AM
Kathryn Acciari
Central One Federal Credit Union - Shrewsbury, MA
Mortgage Loan Originator

Kathy, what an obstacle to overcome.  But you are handling it just right - great optimism!

Jan 17, 2010 11:18 AM