Sunshines on I-75, Henry County begins to thaw out!!

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Here comes the sun, yadadaadaaa, here comes the sun. Last week I wrote about how why we close when snow comes to the Atlanta area--because we southerners have no business driving on icy roads and we don't have the equipment to get sand and salt on all the roads that need it.

Now we are fixing busted water pipes and sorting through auto accidents. While we were bundled up in our homes (with our milk and breead, of course) we watched the local TV stations for schools closings. I got to thinking. What if we only allowed certain drivers to drive while roads were icy. Say, your insurance rated you on your ablility to drive on icy roads.

Class 1--you have lived and drived in North Dakota for 10 years

Class 2--you have lived and drived occassionally on icy roads in Tennessee for 5 years

Class3--nobody in your family has ever lived north of Atlanta and you think snow means "vacation."

Instead of school closings on the TV station crawler, you would see what class of people get to drive. Class 1 can drive as they wish. Class 2 can drive only on major roads that have been treated with sand and salt. And Class 3, well, you have to wait until everythng has thawed.

Insurance companies could require you to sign up for the twitter feed to tell you when you could drive if you didn't have TV.

This is all tongue-in-cheek. I would be in class 3. Watch the video. What do you think?

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