Heat Up Your Sales Year in the Warm Month of January

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talkDid You Know That January is a "Warm" Month?

If you have  been digging out from recent snowfalls or are still recovering from cold spells throughout the country, this may be hard to believe.

The warm and fuzzy feelings of the holidays are still lingering, and that makes January a fine time to call on prospects. Remember, sales are based on emotion. So don't forget the FORD script (talk to them about their Family, Occupation, Recreation and Dreams).

Remember that people want their Realtors® to be professional at all times but they like the human touch too.  Nothing is as interesting to people as themselves and the things that concern them.  Few things are as obvious as feigned interest. So while you‘re listening to their response, don't check your phone, text another client, look off into space, read, utter  disinterested "un huh's," or appear bored. Unless 10 minutes have passed and they are still recounting the third day of Christmas, don't cut them off!  Any of those things can bring the realty of January weather into the conversation and kill the mood.

Remember that many agents don't bother working near the holidays or in the usually-slow winter months, which is so much the better for you - less competition!  This year, with the housing tax credit, things may be a little busier so customers are more emotivated.  You may think you are too busy to listen to people but if you listen to the answer to the FORD scriptquestions, you will have painlessly obtained the answer to many of the prospecting and loan qualification answers you need away. 

You can come away knowing what kind of home they need based on their family size and needs, where they work, what they like to do, how long they plan on staying in the house, etc. - a lot of useful stuff, extracted effortlessly.

Put this information to work, find the client a house, and warm up your sales figures as the year gets rolling.


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