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When you're looking to buy a home it seems like everyone is telling you that location is the most important thing and to a great extent this is true. Homes can be renovated or even torn down and rebuilt if you have the money to do it but you can't really renovate the location of your home. However, what many people don't realise is that the perfect location of a piece of real estate differs greatly based on the needs of the buyer.

The ideal location for a home is just as subjective as the features of a dream home; what might be perfect for you is just as likely to be totally incompatible for someone else's living style. A good way to decide on what your perfect location is starts with making a list of priorities with regard to your family's needs.

One important aspect of the search for the perfect location is the cost of living in an area. If you will be earning the same income but the cost of living in your new area will be greatly increased then that is likely not a good area for you to move to. Likewise, if you're considering moving into an area that has a much lower cost of living than you have been paying elsewhere, research to see what the standard of living is like in that area.

Another important aspect of the search for the perfect location is what kind of transportation needs that you have that need to be met. Some home buyers require accessible public transit for their daily commute to work or shops within walking distance to their home. Other home buyers might require that the terrain in their neighbourhood be relatively flat with wheelchair access at the crosswalks and at the local shops.

Home buyers with children-or the possibility of having children in the near future-should research to see what the daycares and schools are like in any area that they're looking to buy into. Likewise, you should look to see what kind of recreational opportunities there are in the area not only for your children but also for you as well. Some communities have facilities for swimming, skating, hiking trails, and more; while others might not have more than a neighbourhood park.

Your perfect location is very relative to the needs of you and your family; to obtain the best fit for your family you should do some research with your agent on the different areas that you're looking at buying into. Any extra steps that you take to make sure that your new neighborhood is a good fit will benefit you later on when you move into the area!

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