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Prevent Foreclosure in Lodi, CA and Stockton, CA

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Prevent Foreclosure in Lodi and Stockton, CA. Many homeowners in the Lodi Stockton Area are finding themselves in situations where they are unable to continue making their house payment. The homeowners feels trapped, helpless and have no idea how to Stop Foreclosure. Fortunately there are options.

How to Prevent Foreclosure

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1. Payoff the loan completely or Refinance

2. Reinstatement- Paying the default amount plus all additional fees

3. Loan modification-Prevent Foreclosure http://trivalleybroker.net/

4. Forebearance- Lender may be able to arrange a repayment plan

5. Deed in Lieu- Giving the property back to the bank instead of the bank foreclosing

6. Bankruptcy- This option can liquidate debt and possibly allow more time

7. Traditional Sale- If the property has equity, the homeowner may sell the property without lender approval

8. Short Sale. If a homeowner owes more on their property than it’s currently worth, they can hire a qualified Realtor to list, market and negotiate a Short Sale with their lender. A short sale can Prevent Foreclosure.

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My goal as a Real Estate Broker is to keep the distressed homeowner in their home. When a Loan Modification or the other options mentioned are not possible, a Short Sale becomes a viable option. Not only can a successful Short Sale Prevent Foreclosure, it can also put the seller in a position to purchase a home again in as little as two years.

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Instead of focusing on the negative, a Short Sale can Stop Foreclosure and can be viewed as the beginning of a fresh new start.

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