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Living green is quickly becoming a desired lifestyle among homeowners across the United States. It seems that one cannot pick up a magazine or newspaper, or browse through Facebook or a blogging website without reading some kind of tip on saving energy or reducing your carbon footprint. Some people still think green is just a fad, yet energy efficiency and sustainability go far beyond being just some trendy follow-the-sheep craze of the times – these principles can actually save homeowners money, improve their health, and help save our environments locally and globally. And the movement today is much stronger than what happened in the 1970’s. Here today in Denver we see photovoltaic solar panels at Coors Field and Denver International Airport, we see energy companies like Xcel Energy and PG&E advocating that their customers use LESS of their product, and we see college graduates demanding that the companies they work for are doing something green.

So why live green? It’s simple: being green means you are reducing your economic and environmental impact. Using less energy means you are paying less on your monthly utility bills thus keeping more of your money in your wallet. If you are living green you are also living a more healthy life because the air in your home is cleaner and fresher, the paint is all natural and chemical free, and the area in and around your home is less toxic from harmful substances. Side effects include increased happiness, productivity, a sense of unity, and overall well being.[1]

The times of inefficiency are over! No more buying antiquated incandescent light bulbs! No more energy hogging washers and dryers! And no more cars that only get 10-15 mpg! We are living in an age where information is literally ‘at our fingertips’ with the Internet and smart phones. No longer can we ignore our wasteful ways of consuming without replenishing and restoring. In 2010 I encourage you, and everyone you know, to take a look at how you are living and to eliminate inefficient and wasteful habits. Consider turning off lights and unplugging idle appliances. Consider the ingredients in the food you eat and in the products you use and consume each day. Begin to recognize that you do play an active and important role in increasing the positive impact you have on the economy and the environment.



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Stay true to yourself and your planet,

Andrew Cepeda

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You are so right. I see it as the Next  Wave in Real Estate.

 I myself in th past 2 years have gone ti CFL & LED light bulbs, tankless hot water, and am in the process of converting the house to Cistern water.

Feb 08, 2010 09:10 PM
Home Energy Team
Home Energy Team - Fairfax, VA

Hi. It's nice to see some realtors who are interested in green homes and home energy. Becoming more knowledgeable about these issues can really set you apart from your competition. Here's a short video from Home Energy Team with more information about how you can stay on top of these trends to deliver added value to your clients and even boost your business:

Apr 07, 2010 03:45 AM