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Musicians and Realtors: A Shared Approach At Building A Fan Base

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I'm currently at two very different, yet oddly simlar  milestones in my life.

Milestone 1: I just recorded , and am about to release my first solo music album.

Milestone 2:  I've been a technology and media teacher in Medford Real Estate for years. This year marks a new beginning. Becoming a Real Estate Broker.

After recently passing my Broker exams, and doing much soul searching about how best to begin building my business as a Medford Realtor - I discovered something rather interesting.  Building a successful Real Estate business is about the exact same thing musicians strive for. A fan base!

Your sphere or database is comprised of friends, acquaintances, and well wishers. But until these folks become your fans - they aren't doing much to bring you business. Think of it like this. As a musician, my best listener is a person who will love what I do, and be excited and animated when they tell others about me. The excitement in their voice will be a motivator for the friends they share my music with - to actually pursue listening and hopefully downloading a track.

Now don't get me wrong here, every listener I can get is of value. But my job is to turn that listener into a fan. So how can I accomplish this?

I think it best to relay my experience as a DIY (do it yourself) musician. In the music world, the internet provides  musicians with an amazing ability to market themselves and their work. The traditional record label model is dead. In fact few musicians rely on labels any more. So in order to reach listeners, I utilize numerous tools on the net, as well as advertising. Very similar to Real Estate!

 Also similar to Real Estate, is the notion that regular contact with my base of listeners reminds them to remember me and what I do - and it reminds them to tell others about me. By keeping in touch with those who listen to my music, I can inform them about news and products. In your case, your database should be informed about what you are doing, and your products (listings).

We all become fans of something in our lives, whether it's a great author or actor, sports team, etc. We become fans because we admire how these people conduct themselves in their business. We admire the results they achieve. And often, we admire their character. That's what YOUR business is all about.

By keeping yourself in touch with your clients and database, you are engaging them to think about what you do, and to hopefully become your fan.

With Brokers using tools like MySpace, FaceBook, and Twitter - it's easy to see just how similar the model of a DIY musician and a Real Estate Broker truly are...

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-Matt Jameson

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