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New Construction Inspection Jacksonville Florida

It is just as important for someone buying a new home to get a home inspection as it is for people buying existing homes. Why? Because a lot of the issues found on resales were present at the time the original buyer moved in or were caused by defects with the home when it was built. Some of the most common reasons people don't get a New Construction Inspection are:

"What could be wrong, the home is brand new?"

"The city inspector signed off on everything, I'm sure they didn't miss anyhting."

"I have a one year warranty. If anything goes wrong with the home, they will fix it."

The barrier that protects the water heater from vehicles is missing.


All mechanical components installed in the garage are supposed to be protected from vehicles. This new home was missing the barrier in front of the water heater.


Well I'm here to tell you that in all of the New Constrction Inspections in Jacksonville Florida that I have done, I have yet to see the perfect home. That's right, there is no such thing as the perfect home! Including the one you are about to buy. So let's look at the reasons the above statements are wrong.

"What could be wrong, the home is brand new?" There is one thing that is true about you, about me and about every person on the planet. That is that none of us are perfect, no matter how hard we try. We are all human, and humans make mistakes. Another thing to consider is that the site supervisor has a lot of responsibilities and homes to oversee.

Who does all the work? Subcontrators that's who. The experience levels of the sub contractors differ. Some of these people would rather do things the easy way than the right way. I once had a contractor tell me that I was too picky and the work was done "good enough". I asked him to show me in black & white that work he did was acceptable. I loved his response. "Since you're not cooperating, I gues I'll go ahead and do it the right way then." You want the work to be done the right way on your new home don't you?

Thermal Image Missing Insulation




This thermal image was taken at a new home before the "one year warranty" expired. The home owner complained that this room was always HOT in the summer and cold in the winter. The bright yellow areas show that no insulation was installed in these two stud bays.



"The city inspector signed off on everything. I'm sure they didn't miss anything." While these inspectors are responsible to make sure eveything is done right, they simply can't stand over every subcontractor during every minute of the constrction process. They go to the home at different times of the construction process, check the permits and do a couple spot checks. That's it. They can't catch everything.

"I have a one year home warranty. If anything goes wrong with the home, thebuilder will fix it." Well this is true. However once you move in they don't have free access to the home in order to make any necessary repairs. This means that you may have to take time off of work to be home so they can make the repairs once you move in. They also have other homes that are being built and those homes take priority over yours because they are trying to get those homes sold and keep the buyers of those homes satisfied.

Ductwork disconnected from plenum in attic


This photo shows that one of the ducts was not properly connected to the plenum in the attic. This would have caused high electric bills and reduced the life of the HVAC system because the unit would have to work harder in order to heat and cool the home. This picture was taken at a New Constrction Inspection.


I hope you now understand the importance of a New Construction Inspection on your new Jacksonville Florida home.

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Watch this video to see another problem that should have been caught by the builder that no one saw until I did the resale inspection.



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