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Find A Home Inspector Jacksonville Florida

With all of the choices you have it can be difficult to Find A Home Inspector. So how can you make sure that you are selecting an inspector that will do the best job for you? Well there are many factors to consider.Home Inspector Training Flyer

How much the inspection costs is usually the factor that many people initially go to when trying to find a home inspector.  Relying on this factor alone could lead you to the most expensive mistake of your life! Let me explain why.

There are multiple reasons for a cheap home inspections. Here are just a few.

Most NEW home inspectors find out what other companies are charging and set their prices below the others because they think this will flood their schedule with inspections. These inspectors have no experience and haven't yet developed the experience it takes to find all of the defects with the home. If you're trying to find a home inspector and You choose someone that is brand new, with no experience and minimal training evaluating your biggest investment, you're bound to have problems?

Another reason for low prices is poor performance. Some inspectors who have been around a while still charge lower fees thinking that this will make up for their poor performance. They don't get any referrals from past clients because they didn't do a good job. Only the best home inspectors get referrals from past clients. These inspectors cause 90% of the complaints I hear about home inspectors. Selecting this type of inspector while calling around to find a home inspector could leave you in financial trouble after you move in.

Water Intrusion Not VisibleWater Intrusion Found With Infrared

One more reason for the low price home inspection is the inspector only works part time, because they don't have enough business and could also be related to the home inspector in the second category.You wouldn't go to a part time doctor would you?

Corrosion On Circuit BreakerJust one last reason that some home inspectors are cheap, is that the home inspector:

  • Does not cary insurance
  • Does not belong to any associations, therefore is not required to follow any standards
  • Does not keep up to date on training
  • Still uses a hand written reports
  • Does not use the latest tools, like an Thermal Imaging Camera

These inspectors are the most dangerous. When I was getting started in the business I talked to a local inspector to see who he used for insurance. You won't believe what he told me! He asked me "Are you married? Do you trust your wife? Then put everything in her name, that's my insurance!" You definitely wouldn't want this guy looking at your home, would you?

Condensation Drain Line DisconnectedRoofing Tar In Valley To Stop A Leak

You are buying a home and the reason you are trying to find a home inspector is to avoid any unwanted surprises after you move in! If this is true then doesn't it make sense to hire a home inspector that:

  • Performs hundreds of home inspections every year
  • Takes yearly continuing education so they can do a better job for you
  • Uses the newest tools
  • Works FULL TIME
  • Creates a computer generated report including photos
  • Carries the appropriate insurance
  • Wants you to be so happy with your home inspection experience, that you will refer friends and family to the home inspection company

Improper Slope At Exterior DoorWater Intrusion Caused By Improper Slope Outside

Even if you ask all of the tough questions you still may be having a dificult time trying to find a home inspector in Jacksonville, Florida. You want to know who you can trust, right? On the Home Inspection Jacksonville FL website there are videos of things that your home inspector finds every day. These videos will let you see what you can expect from your Jacksonville home inspector. There are also videos of Jacksonville Home Inspection clients reviews, these are people just like you.

Below is just one of those videos. This client shares with you how he was able to negotiate $10,000 OFF the purchase of the home by using Informed Decisions Certified Home Inspections. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Home Inspection Jacksonville Florida website and CALL 904-891-6309 today!


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