Energy Efficiency Online Calculators w/ Links Provided

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We at Home Energy Solutions of the Triad, LLC have compiled some of the best online tools to help you calculate your home's energy efficiency and learn how to improve it. They're free to use, and provide a valuable first step to improving your home's energy efficiency. For a more comprehensive evaluation, schedule a home energy audit with one of our certified auditors.

Energy Improvements

Home Energy Saver

Computes your home's energy use and estimates how much energy and money you can save, and how much emissions can be reduced by implementing energy-efficiency improvements.

Insulation Tool

Find out the most economic insulation level for your home, based on the climate you live in.

Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator

Find out how much your fridge or freezer costs to operate - in money and energy - and how much you can save by replacing with an ENERGY STAR model, or by retiring your extra one.


Faucet and Showerhead Cost Calculator

Find out how much you can save with water-saving faucets and showerheads of varying efficiencies.

Water Heating Systems

Evaluate the efficiency of your water heating system or pool heating system, and determine the feasibility of more energy efficient solutions.

Home Energy Options

Energy Efficient Rehab Advisor - for Remodeling Projects

Using guidelines from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD), this tool provides recommendations for incorporating energy efficiency into your remodeling project.

Renewable Energy Systems

A variety of tools to help you evaluate your options for generating your own electricity, using small renewable energy systems including solar, wind, and microhydropower.

Space Heating and Cooling

Evaluate the cost and efficiency of various space heating and cooling systems for your home.


The above calculators and tools are a great source for remedial home energy savings. In order to maximize one's full potential for long-term energy savings and to achieve customized solutions to your particular home, it is necessary to have a full diagnostic home energy audit performed on your home. Call Home Energy Solutions of the Triad, LLC at 800-724-4841 or 336-587-8345 for all of your home energy audit needs.