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Since I got there a little late I did not get a chance to set up front so that I could see everything better. I drove in from Reading PA and everything went great till I pick the wrong tunnel to enter. I took the Hudson which was backed up making me about 1/2 hour late.  So if there was great information that was given out in the first 1/2 hour I missed it.

 The morning session was fast passed with lots of note taking and a little competition from the speaker in the next room. I now have a better understanding of SEO and will be working on trying to improve my web site. Ben and the other speakers filled our mind with the in and out of Social networking and why we as Realtors need be more into it.

 The lunch was more networking was I meet some fellow Realtors for the New York area where we exchanged business cards and ideas. Ben stopped over at the table and gave us some history of his business.

 Again the afternoon session was fast paced and at times it was hard to take notes and keep up with all the information that was being presented. I did like the 3 person panel who gave their personal experience with blogging.

 The day ending with a get together with more networking and taking about what the day did for me.

 In a nut shell it will take time to digest all the information, but I intend to start the process laid out for me that day.

 Thank you All The RainCamp Staff

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Walter Hotzman

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