Is a Great Service Rating Based on Emotion?

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Is a Great Service Rating Based on Emotion?  I think so.  I went to dinner at a very popular sit down restaurant chain last night.  We had to wait about 20 minutes for our table.  In the bar area the bartender got us our drinks and some bread and our wait pretty comfortable.  So far so good.  Once we got our table we sat there, without a visit from our waitress or water for at least 10 minutes.  Once she got there and took our orders she was flustered and made it very clear she wasn't having a good day.  The experience went from bad to worse.  So much so that at one point I was debating whether to call the manager over and make a complaint.  At this point I was very angry and upset by the service and attitude we were getting from our waitress. Then the food came, half of the orders were warm like they had been sitting out.  So, when the the waitress asked how everything was we told her not impressive.   We did not want to send the food back to the kitchen or order anything else, at this point we were at this restaurant for about 1 1/2 hours and not even done with our meal yet.  So, our waitress told the manager about our food complaint and the manager came over and ended up paying for our entire meal, which was completely unexpected but greatly appreciated.  We left a tip for the waitress which was much more than she would have gotten had our meal not been paid for.  And, even after that bad experience the end result will allow me to visit that restaurant again.  The manager's swift response to my unhappiness made me feel thankful to her for taking care of the situation!

It really is true that customers/clients will remember you by how you make them feel.  If a situation causes stress or unhappiness that will effect whether they refer you or use your services again.  If you can turn any negative feeling to happiness by the end of the experience you will most likely be rewarded for your efforts.  So remember when a deal is going badly do everything in your power to turn it around and make the client happy before you lose them.  Your Great Service Rating is one Good Feeling away!

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Hi Colleen,

You have an excellent point. Your great service rating is one good feeling away. Had she not gotten the manger you would never have gone back. It's always unfortunate when expectations are not met!!

Jan 17, 2010 10:20 PM