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St. Louis Area Occupancy Permits

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So, you're buying a new house. Congratulations! Now, before you can move in, you may need an occupancy permit.

These are nothing new. Many municipalities around the St. Louis area have been requiring them for years. Now St. Louis County is requiring them in all unincorporated areas. You should find out before you purchase your new home, whether you will need an occupancy permit to move in. It would be a tragedy to find out you can't live in your new home until you have some work done. Many times, the seller is responsible for getting the occupancy permit, but make sure you talk to your real estate agent about this.

We have added a new page to our website, linking to all 91 municipalities in St. Louis County. You can find it here or under the "Municipality Information" tab on the left of the page. Most of the municipalities have their own website, which has information about occupancy permits and phone numbers. For the municipalities that do not have their own website, we have linked to the St. Louis County website that has specific information including important phone numbers.

The City of St. Louis currently does not require an occupancy permit, unless you are in a conservation district. About 2/3 of St. Louis City is in a conservation district. They have a website here that you can check to see if an address is in a conservation district.

I hope you find this information useful and please contact me if you have any suggestions or need more help.

Here are a few links to get you started:

Unincorporated St. Louis County Occupancy Permits

City of St. Louis Building Division

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Occupancy permits suck
Apr 23, 2008 06:37 AM
john curtis

I had to get some last minute ada exit signs for occupancy took a week any ideas on better resources for these braille signs.  working on another project this month need more signs in a special color to match arch. design

Mar 17, 2009 03:59 PM