Boone County Illinois

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Boone County consists of 147,059 acres. 81% of this land is classified as Prime Farmland.  In addition, large amounts of high quality gravel, sand and limestone deposits have been identified.  The landscape in the northern part of the County is hilly and rolling, gradually becoming flat as you go further south.  There are many streams, ponds, wetlands and wildlife habitats throughout the county.  Significant areas of wooded land are located throughout the county and contribute to the area's character and beauty.

          Boone County is very well connected to the region via road, air and rail. Interstate 90, US Highway 20, and Sate Highways 76 and 173 serve as the primary road transportation routes in the County, and connections to Rockford and Chicago metro areas are via these routes.  Twenty-six major truck lines serve the city.   Eight of these are locally-owned.

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The Interstate 90 Tollway is a major interstate and intrastate transportation route. There is currently access from the Tollway at the Genoa / Belvidere Road exit.  The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority is studying the possibility of an interchange in the area of Irene Road/Town Hall Road/Stone Quarry Road. Additional Tollway interchanges are located across the Winnebago County line to the west of Boone County at Business 20 and Rockton Road with an additional interchange recently added at Highway 173.

          Freight rail service is provided by the Union Pacific on tracks crossing the County from east to west passing through Garden Prairie and the City of Belvidere.  Currently there is no passenger rail service, however, there is future potential service through Metra, the Chicago Metro commuter rail service.

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