Seller Thoughts as homes are shown

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This past weekend I showed 16 homes to two different sets of buyers.  Originally, I called to show 21 homes, 2 were under contract and two were withdrawn and 1 was appointment only and the agent never called me back.

Of the 16 homes I showed 1 home owner called me and asked my how motivated my Buyer was.  When I told her my buyers want to close on a home buy mid April (to claim the first time home buyers tax credit) and that their lease was up in May.  I told her I knew my buyers would not buy her home if she does not let me show it to them, but if she let me show it to them they may be interested in her home.  Only then would she let me show her home.  She said she was tired of cleaning her home only to have a the buyers not be interested in it. 

A tired seller is a hard obstacle for a listing agent to over come.  I showed her home and it showed great, she had the home looking like a model home - the only issue is it is overpriced in this market by about $50K.  The agent called me for feedback as I was driving home that evening when I gave her my thoughts on the home - I told her what I have said many times, sellers need to know they are in a price war and a beauty contest at this time.

The good news is homes are selling - not for as much as sellers would like but homes will sell.  That is why only the most motivated sellers should try selling their homes in todays market.

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Mike Carlier
Lakeville, MN
More opinions than you want to hear about.

It seems that we are a capitalist nation, except when we want to sell our homes, then we're communists.  The market value of the home is irrelevant to some sellers.  What counts is what they "need" from the sale. 

Jan 18, 2010 08:08 AM