Wouldn't You Want To Know?

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Wouldn't you want to know if any of the following were true about your home or one of your listings?


1. That the agent and potential buyers felt that the home was significantly overpriced?

2. That the home was so dirty that the buyers were saying "ewwww" every time they touched a door knob or a light switch?

3. That some very minor staging or paint touch up would significantly improve how a home shows?

4. That there was pornography laying about in almost every room in the house?

5. That the home smelled so bad that the buyers couldn't remain indoors for more than a few minutes?

6. That there were several bits if incorrect information in the marketing and/or the MLS listing?

7. That there was a bag of an illegal substance and its paraphernalia in plain view on the coffee table?

8. That the yard was in severe need of watering and mowing?

9. That the neighbors caught you outside of the home and gave your buyers a number if reasons to NOT want to live there?

10. That there were unlocked firearms and ammunition in plain view? 


This stuff is just too good to make up!! I have showed 20-30 properties in the past month or so, and have found viewed every one of those instances above, some more than once and not a single one of those listing agents or sellers knows about it!! With all of those properties I viewed, only two agents requested and received feedback. Not surprisingly, those two agents' listings showed very well. In the most severe cases, I even initiated giving the  agents a "heads up" only to not have my calls returned.

The moral of the story is listing agents please do your job. Getting feed back from showings is crucial to correcting  barriers to getting a listing sold. Home sellers, make sure your agent is doing their job. They should be providing you with feedback from every potential buyer and agent who views your home. 

Chuck Ethridge
Buyers Agent
North Idaho Dream Team




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Christina Ethridge
The North Idaho Dream Team powered by SKE Realty Group - Coeur d'Alene, ID
This just seems like common sense to me, but 'feedback' is being debated because BA's insist it reveals their clients position AND they insist that the listing agent should be doing their own job and already know these things.
Jul 11, 2007 02:35 PM