in Kennesaw, Ga. Every Household Must Own a Gun

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I thought about the entitling this post "Kennesaw, Ga.  a safe place to live" but I think I came up with a catchier title.  I was just reading a story about Kennesaw and wanted to share one of the potential '07 Debate Questions with everyone from Activerain to see the responses. As a Realtor, I found the topic very interesting, especially being a woman, and hearing the stories lately posted when I sign on to the multiple listing service, and various e-mail warnings about abiding by safety precautions due to recent happenings in the area of unknown potential clients wanting to meet at vacant homes and the agents escaping a near rape or even worse. Be Safe!  and post your opinions!

Below is an excerpt from the article on CNN: Click here to read complete article

CNN Shows Kennesaw Gun Ownership Question in Potential Debate Questions List

Posted by Brad Wilmouth on June 25, 2007 - 00:32.

During CNN Newsroomon Saturday, correspondent Veronica de la Cruz showed portions of three recorded questions (out of a total of 197 that were posted so far on that were submitted for the upcoming CNN/Youtube debates. Two of the clips featured questions that were asked from a liberal point-of-view, while one was asked from a conservative point-of-view, in which a woman cited the plummeting crime rate in Kennesaw, Georgia, after the town enacted mandatory gun ownership. But while both liberal questions were played in their entirety, only the first eight seconds out of one minute of the gun control question were played: "An armed society is a polite society. And indeed, Kennesaw, Georgia got a whole lot more polite after passing a law that every household had to have a gun." (Clip of entire question can be viewed here.) (Transcript follows)

One question regarding gay rights was played in its entirety for 22 seconds while another question about investigating the origin of false information that was used to justify the Iraq invasion was played in its entirety for 14 seconds.

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of CNN Newsroomfrom Saturday June 23, followed by a transcript of the entire question on gun control that can be seen on the site:

T.J. HOLMES: The American political process is undergoing a revolutionary change, and it's happening even as we speak, or as I speak, right now. Every day, more and more of you are submitting questions on Youtube for the presidential candidates, and Veronica de la Cruz is here to explain how the process works. So everybody can be a part of these debates?

VERONICA DE LA CRUZ: Everyone can, yeah. CNN really raising the bar this time on the next round of presidential debates by allowing anyone to ask the candidates questions. And so far, about 200 video questions have been posted on Youtube. Now, to participate, just log on to You want to scroll down the page, and you can upload your video here by clicking on the "submit your question" button. It's that big red button there at the bottom of the screen. But you have to keep your questions short -- no longer than 30 seconds -- and you have to speak loud and clear. Here are a couple of the submissions that we just received.

ANONYMOUS GAY MAN: Hello. I'd like to keep my name and home town anonymous because I'm in the military, and I am gay. The military's "don't ask don't tell" policy puts unnecessary stress and worry on many of America's gay service members, myself included. If you become President, how will you help gay military members like myself who are currently burdened by the "don't ask don't tell" policy.

RACHEL, from Durham, NC: An armed society is a polite society. And indeed, Kennesaw, Georgia got a whole lot more polite after passing a law that every household had to have a gun.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Why did Hillary and John Edwards vote against holding an investigation into who's responsible for providing the false information used to go to war in Iraq? Why?

Entire gun control question from

Rachel: To all candidates: An armed society is a polite society. And indeed, Kennesaw, Georgia got a whole lot more polite after passing a law that every household had to have a gun. They went from about twice the national average of violent crime to half the national average. Every home in Switzerland also has a gun, which is a major reason it's been able to enjoy its armed neutrality status in the world, and why it was untouchable by Hitler's armies. The gun-free-zone policy at Virginia Tech was followed by all but one person earlier this year. Police were two hours too late to protect and defend 32 people. Gun control just seems to provide safety for those who would terrorize unarmed sitting duck citizens. I am concerned about my right to protect myself in a violent world where police tend to arrive on crime scenes not with protection, but with plastic bags for evidence and bodies. In light of all that, can you explain how you interpret the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? Thank you.

June 25, 2007 - 00:46

Well no Democrat wants to answer that question this early on the campaign trail thats for certain

The hottest places in hell are oft reserved for those who in times of moral crisis remain neutral

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Viper Says:
June 25, 2007 - 00:55

Rachel asks a good question and I'll be interested to see if it's used and what response it gets. 

I like the way the question phrased..... "can you explain how you interpret the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution?"

To watch them squirm around an answer to that question would be worth the price of admission.  

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Dave R Says:
June 25, 2007 - 01:03

As someone who lived inside the City of Kennesaw from ''00 to '02 (I had to finally escape the confiscatory taxes of Fulton County and the City of Atlanta), I can attest to the low crime rate there.

However, that area has always had a high percentage of gun owners anyway, but I do think the national publicity did make many would-be criminals stop and think.

To be fair, I must also point out that the mandatory ownership law in Kennesaw is not actually enforced, as I was never asked to produce proof of ownership (not that I would have had any problem in that area), but the fact that the criminal element didn't know who did or did not have a gun was probably a powerful deterrent.

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amber Says:
June 25, 2007 - 17:04

I am curious what you think about the law.  I can not imagine this being constitutional.  I am a gun owner and I cary my pistol with me almost everywhere.  I know many gun owners feel the same as me, in that, I do not want anyone who is uncomfortable with guns to have a gun.  I am curious too if this includes guns in the schools.  I am a proponent for CC in the schools, I think any place that bans guns is an unsafe place.  Thank you.

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Marcus Valdez
Berkshire Hathaway Rocky Mountain Realtors - Fort Collins, CO
i love topics like this.  sure to offend someone someplace.  i think my blog may go to all religion and politics all the time.  just for the numbers and threats.
Jul 11, 2007 06:57 AM #1
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