Is Cold Calling a Bad Idea for Agents in Today's Market?

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Agents have retreated in recent years to the confines of their offices where they blog, tune up their website, email, set up ads, make phone calls, and handle their appointments.  I know very few agents who knock on doors, so maybe if the herd is going one way, it's time to go the other?  Perhaps a dozen of my clients today are people I met by going straight to their door and introducing myself.  I have never taken a day or an afternoon and door knocked, but occasionally I will make an isolated cold call. 

Last month, I drove into a gated estate with two signs posted on either side of the driveway entry "Private Property" and "No Trespassing".  This was after I had sent a letter with no response in November.  When the door opened I introduced myself, and told the owner I was one of his neighbors, and that I was also in the real estate business.  I proceeded to describe the buyer I was working with, who had an interest in his property, and could it possibly be for sale?  He recalled getting my letter, and said he would keep my card and discuss it with his wife.  Within a week, he called me and as it turns out, we are in the early stages of talking about the sale of his property.  I never would have otherwise met this owner, and now I have his contact information and we are working together. 

Does anyone have a similar story?  Is cold calling generally a waste of time?  What do homeowners think when a Realtor interrupts by knocking on their door?   

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Raylene Estabrook
Signature Homes Real Estate Group - Yarmouth, ME

When done right nothing is a waste of time. When done wrong not only is it a waste of time but can be damaging to your image. Sounds to me like you are doing it right! Congrats.

Jan 19, 2010 02:58 AM
Stephen Arnold
HomeSmart Elite Group - Scottsdale, AZ

Face to Face is still the best marketing in the business!!  With great can get a decent database going quickly!!  Thanks for posting!

Jan 19, 2010 03:39 AM