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                                I have a home both in New York and in Florida.  New York has been hit

            very hard due to politics.  But New York is New York and when you hurt Wall Street , you

            hurt Main Street.

                                I realize that it is politically benefical to beat up on the rich but in reality

            the rich feed the poor.  When we fly they tell us, if an emergency, to put the oxygen

            mask on ourselves first before helping others. The rich can afford to sit out when

            the economy is down, but main street can't.


                              Now did many on wall street take advantage during the real estate bubble,

            well, of course, they did.  However, what about us regular Joes.  You couldn't go  to any

            party or restaurant and not hear someone buying homes in Florida and flipping them.

            The middle class were become richer with real estate and they also were taking advantage

            of the bad mortgages.  On financial shows we were beginning to hear in 2005 that real estate

            was beginning to bubble but no one was paying attention.  Realtors, mortgage brokers,

            investors, restaurant owners, waiters, were all making money and it was great times.


                               But those of us who have been through other times, know that what goes

             up does come down and then eventually will go back up again.


                                What I think has exacerbated the problem, was blaming wall street for

             everything.  For instance, when we went after their bonuses, their bonuses spent money

             buying or renting homes, having seminars in Orlando, Florida or Las Vegas, NV..  This in

             turn fed the main street crowd which created jobs.

                                  Now it seems they want to tax Banks.  Oh Great!  Main street will be

             paying for those taxes.  Just because taxes aren't taken out of our paychecks, doesnt

             mean a tax break for the middle class if we have to pay the hidden tax that aren't really

             called a tax.  Main street is not stupid and they are getting it now.

                                   In reality, the real estate market is returning, which makes me very

             happy.  Becoming financially independent is a great thing, don't you think!  So if we

             stop bashing the rich, allow companies to fly their employees to seminars again and

             give  tax relief to everyone, I believe good times will be here again.







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