Social Media - Bad for Real Estate?

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Original content by Brian & Val Mayer

One of my favorite websites is TED. They showcase some of the the great minds of our time. I watched the video below from John Gerzema co-author of The Brand Bubble. Here are my takeaways from the presentation.

     Using the internet and primarily social media, consumers are helping each other by raising awareness of positive and negative experiences with local and national businesses. How many times have you read a FB post about a good or bad experience at a local business?

Survey Says! = 72% trust what others say vs. 15% from advertising...

     Consumers are working together and are driven to Value and Values - We all know the binge is
Moneyover and its not coming back... Thats a good thing! Personal debt to income went from 65% to 135% in 15 years and we are finally back in the black, spending is at a 62 year low. Consumers want Value in their purchase and Values from who they bought it from or in our case helped them with the purchase. They want to know that you did right by them and will continue to do so after they are gone.

     What do I think it all means? Do you care? I believe that you need to focus your efforts on offering real Value and be able to communicate = what your Value brings and why its important. Focus on honesty and integrity. Wow that sounds brilliant... "The world is getting smaller" is a tired term but seriously its shrinking at a rapid pace. If I describe a negative experience I had with you on a message board in your local community, lots of people will read it and they will tell their friends and it wont go away... Forget the BBB watch out for FB

Pillar     Become a pillar of your community to grow your business. Regardless of what you do for a living, helping others in your community will help your business. Its not only the right thing to do, its a great marketing strategy. Why?... Because in our business there is nothing more valuable as Trust Yes that scary valuable word that is usually followed with a lie when asked for. You need it and and there is no easy earn it without being the real deal. Helping someone with no strings attached is the fastest way to earn trust. Call it The Golden Rule, karma, what goes around comes around, you get what you deserve etc. etc. In conclusion - Social Media is bad for real estate if you are bad at it because you cant hide anymore - Social Media is like "Gossip Sunshine"

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