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We're in the business of providing local business people - especially real estate agents - with web-based promotional tools. So a few months ago when the importance (and difficulty) of gathering feedback was brought to my attention we decided to develop an online program that would make gathering feedback as simple and automatic as possible. Today that program is called AgentMapIt Feedback.

We got to work with the initial development and once it was functional we enlisted the help of a number of our real estate agent clients to test and tweak it and basically put it throught its paces. What we wanted was a straightforward but powerful program for making the collection of feedback as brain dead simple as possible.

That was the number one objective - make it simple and effective. Most online programs try to do too many things. Just setting them up - getting past step 1 - can take hours or even days of configuring, fiddling and testing. We wanted to avoid that if possible.

The number two objective was to make it easy for both ends of the process - easy for the listing agent, and easy for the showing agent. We like to think of it as a "Simple Two Step System".

For the listing agent the system involves just two steps - entering the listing (step 1), and then confirming showing requests (step 2) as they come in. That's it. The system does the rest. It automatically sends out requests for feedback and then logs the feedback responses as they come in. It is completely automatic.

For the showing agent booking a showing and responding with feedback also involves just two steps - filling out a request for a showing, and then later after the showing has happened, responding to a request for feedback. That's it. Just two simple steps.

It even works from your Blackberry or iPhone. And, get this - it even communicates with your seller and gives them access to the feedback log so they can see what people are saying about their property. I don't have to tell you how important that can be when it comes to convincing them to "get real" about their listing.

If you think you need a service like this, have a look at AgentMapIt Feedback. We recommend trying our one month free membership. That will give you plenty of time to see how it works and decide if it is as simple, powerful and effective as we think it is.

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