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Going Green in Real Estate
Consumers' interest in the "green movement" has never been so high. Home builders, retailers, financial services providers, and product manufacturers are all seeking to satisfy consumers' demand for eco-friendly products and services. From energy-efficient light bulbs to solar-paneled roofs, from recycling plastic and paper to driving more fuel-efficient cars, consumers have gravitated to the idea that they can help the earth by making smarter purchases and lifestyle decisions. 

What does all this mean to us Real Estate Professionals?  Whether we specialize in selling green homes, we are likely to meet clients who are interested in living a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. To better serve our customers, we should know about the latest eco-friendly housing trends, and understand the terms associated with "going green." 

Information, materials and training on this subject are available from an increasing number of sources. Numerous websites are devoted to green real estate and energy and environmental information. Articles and expert information on green real estate-related topics are appearing more and more frequently in newspapers, magazines, and television. Green certification programs are available for home builders and real estate professionals alike.

Promote yourself as an environmentally-concerned sales professional:

  • Incorporate the eco-friendly features of a home into your marketing plan.
  • Reach out to your community with a prepared press release "Five Tips for a Green Home" - which I will post shortly.
  • Incorporate an "eco" brochure into your marketing material that features energy-saving tips for the home and workplace. The brochure, printed with soy ink on recycled paper, is available for purchase at Merrill Corp
  • Send eCards instead of print postcards. 
  • Create a drip campaign with "Going Green" energy-saving ideas for every consumer.

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