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We can get so tied up in the duties and responsibilities of our daily lives and even more so when we are involved in a career like real estate. We create expectations and goals for ourselves and are thrilled when we reach these goals and continually thrive to reach them. Real estate, in my opinion, is like no other. I love my job and I love what I do. I love it not only because it has provided me with a living financially, but more importantly, because I am making a difference in people's lives. How humbling that, I, Karen Smyth, have the ability to impact people's futures. I take this responsibility to heart and treat it accordingly. I have had the pleasure of creating many relationships through real estate that I cherish dearly. I am able to counsel people in their decisions and do not take this lightly. I am able to be a friend to many sellers and buyers or offer a shoulder to cry on during distress or estate sales. I feel so overwhelmed yet privileged when I relish in these thoughts. Now, with all that said, I also am guilty of taking life too seriously at times and sometimes not really paying attention to my own voices in my head! I will share a story which I can now laugh about, though; I assure you I was not laughing about at the moment it took place. I take pride in the fact that I am NOT a realtor that lets phone calls go by. I answer or attempt to answer or return 100% of my calls. I feel that I need to respect my clients or prospective client's needs the way I would want to be respected so I always speak with everyone. I will admit, I sometimes wish there were 48 hours in a day instead of 24. I also do my best to spend precious family time with my husband and fabulous son so I try to return all calls while I am not with them. The outcome may appear to some like a growth in my ear or to others as if I am speaking to myself since I do try to multi-task and may be speaking on my Bluetooth while also finalizing some administrative work. Can you envision this? I am sure you can as so many of us may be categorized by this description. Well, I have decided that I will need to reorganize my multitasking and priorities. This is not negotiable. Do you want to know why? Well because this was an extremely expensive and may I add, embarrassing, multi tasking failure. Why, you ask? Ok - I am putting myself out there because I believe in doing so. I am who I am and this is why I am trusted and work so hard for your sales and real estate needs- here it is- my Facebook Status says it all: warning: do not put diesel fuel in your Honda pilot. will cause problems with your car, and oh, yes, with your husband's demeanor. note to self

YES! I did this!!!! So as you can see- I am now delegating more to my team so I do not do this again! But, one thing you can be assured of is- this happened because I was on the phone making sure my client's needs were met and THIS will NOT change!!! My clients are important to me and I will make sure that I go through full service next time but the phone calls will still remain answered!

So I am human but I am a hard working realtor ready to work for my clients and now need have an additional auto "business" expense.  I wonder what my accountant will say about this one!

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