Why did the chicken cross the road ?

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The chicken crossed the road because she was looking for a local farmer's market to sell her organic eggs. This chicken only ate the finest grain and refused to take steroids. All the major poultry farms would not let their chickens read "Diet For A New America" or George Orwell's "Animal Farm" and this chicken grew up friendless and yet a visionary. Breaking away one day, this chicken crossed the road to the place where thinking for yourself and rationalizing your place in the world is welcome. The road becomes an invitation to challenge your self-inflicted limitations and climb your Mt. Everest. The movie "Blindsight" will help anyone to motivate and realize that today, even now upon reading this blog; you have unlocked the potential to achieve your unwritten future. And in the famous speech by Churchill  "NEVER GIVE UP !!!". Now go out there and accomplish something with your life.

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Make everyday a celebration of life !!!

Johnny Hurbon


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