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Charlotte|Bank of America, Bechtler and Jobs- 3 Big Stories

I'll drink to the end of 2009. I think most of us will, still, it was far from all gloom, and 2010 looks considerably brighter.

2nd Tallest in Charlotte- Duke Tower
2nd Tallest in Charlotte- Duke Tower

WE could argue on the order, but I think these are the biggest 3 stories in 2009, really coming together in the last 45 days.

Bank of America hires its new CEO from within, Brian Moynihan, who is NOT a New York guy and has promised to keep Bank of America in Charlotte.

The Bank will focus on its balance sheet- doing the things they do well, better. In a city that prides itself on its "Can Do" independent spirit, it was welcome news that BOA was able to repay it's TARP loan early and with interest in December.

Finance is one of the kingpins of Charlotte business, so it was good to see Wells Fargo settle in, make a huge contribution to our non-profit sector, and get  stronger as the year progressed. I look forward to getting to know them better. However, the headline this year is still that Bank of America, one of the giants,  re-committed to Charlotte. That will reverberate through the years.

Now if  BOA can get their short-sale procedures in line and out of last place when it comes to us Realtors... I'll be real happy.

North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue likes Charlotte.

This is big news. She is here all the time. I'd been noticing that- I never saw the prior Governor in Charlotte (though I am sure he came) when the Charlotte Business Journal recapped the year in an excellent article out Friday

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