Sonoran Property Inspections- How is your home holding up to the rain?

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Sonoran Property Inspections wanted to check in with folks and let them know that with the rain we are getting here in Phoenix this is a great opportunity to look at your grading and see how it is performing. We typically get 6" to 7" of rain a year and as of about 2 hours ago we have had about 5 to 6" in the past 24 hours. Thats a ton of water to us in the desert. I can tell you that most homes in Phoenix have a flat to slightly sloped grade around their home or almost flat. The most common explanation I hear is " it never Rains in Phoenix, so what" Well, now it is time for you to go outside with a camera and rubber boots and see how that water is moving ( or Not moving) around your home. Take a photo so you can then look at it later to decide how your going to improve the grade. Sonoran Property Inspections has done several Scottsdale Home Inspections in the past 2 weeks and have seen a few really bad grade jobs. This rain will show you exactly why it is important to have the right kind of grade, please take this opportunity to learn from mother nature.

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