Listening to a great call on technology and social networking

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Great call from - you can listen to the reply on their site under free superstar calls. I am not a student of the university but do listen to the interviews and they are great.

Couple take aways about social networking and technology:

The latest generation doesnt know technology the way we did. For example if we say to our kids, "we dialed a number" they dont know "dial" as their phones dont have a dial on them!!!

For social networking such as facebook, think of it like going to a gathering or event. You wouldnt show up at an event, and stand on a chair and yell out that you are a realtor. Same with facebook - treat the conversation as the same.

Search engine optimization (this one I have been working on myself for years and I do alot of business on the web) - type in your name on google and see what comes up. Do half finished pages come up? (I might be gulty of this), or does nothing come up or does a competitor come up with your name???? This is like a background check on you so know what the web is saying about you

Guess what comes up first for my name? Active Rain - which is why I have started to blog here.

Check out the call for great info.

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