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Giving Green Tips to Your Readers

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A couple of months ago I was listening to a radio phone in show about landscaping and gardening. Many callers wanted to know how to deal with dandelions, weeds and grubs in their lawns now that many municipalities in our region have banned chemical pesticides and herbicides.

The guru suggested turning the grass under, raking out the weeds, and planting clover instead of grass. The advantages of clover, he said, are that it smothers out the weeds, takes much less water to grow, doesn’t have to be cut more than two or three times in a season. And on top of that, white grubs don’t like it.

Now that’s a “green” solution if I’ve ever heard one.

A few days ago I was sent a link to an article about tankless water heaters. If you’ve ever listened to the hype surrounding these things you know a lot is made of the energy lost while the hot water sits in the tank between uses.

But this article referred to a number of studies that show these tankless units require more maintenance, and cause delays in the actual delivery of hot water to your tap.

Also, if you have a second story bathroom or live in a cold climate you will probably spend more on wasted water than you save on energy. That is because the water in the pipes cools down much more than in a conventional system and you have to run that cold water out of the pipes before you have warm water again.

This kind of “green” information is everywhere out there, and people are hungry to hear it. So why not make a point of focusing on green advice for homeowners? It is perfect content if you send a regular newsletter to your clients or publish a blog.

Interesting tidbits of helpful “green” advice are easy to find, and will be welcomed by your readers.

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Dave Roberts
Healdsburg Sotheby's International Realty - Healdsburg, CA

Rick, that is an excellent idea for all agents. My feeling is that green ideas and green strategies to save money and energy are smart for everyone. I love your graphic, too.

Jan 23, 2010 12:00 AM
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May 02, 2011 03:15 PM