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Do-It-Yourself Real Estate Marketing in Flemington

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Marketing a Flemington home to make it attractive to buyers isn’t just about staging the house or putting a For Sale sign up in the yard. In today’s real estate market, it’s important to reach out to a larger audience through various types of media. After all, buying and selling a home in Hunterdon County means tapping into everything that people use on a daily basis: computers, newspapers, magazines, and more traditional real estate routes.


A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words - The majority of home buyers in central NJ begin their search online. The Internet is becoming an increasingly viable way to present homes from both an interior and an exterior vantage point. Although as a local Flemington REALTOR Patty Mortara will help you to understand the best angles for presenting a photographic display of your house, you can help by pointing out what it is you love best about the home. A great backyard garden, a cozy front porch swing, a spacious kitchen, the tile on your bathroom floor – no matter what it is, use it as a way to entice buyers into contacting your agent for more information.


Virtual tours are becoming a very popular way to showcase your home online, as well. Allowing viewers to “walk through” your home gives them a stronger connection to it. Plus if they are "just looking" they haven't inconvenienced you by taking the virtual tour, vs tromping through your house in person!


Signs and Advertisements - The more traditional New Jersey home selling options include putting up a sign or placing an ad in the newspaper, in your local real estate magazine, or even on direct mailing advertisements. These steps have long been a part of the buying and selling market, regardless of where you live.


The truth of the matter is, there’s a reason these actions are relied upon so heavily: no one will know you’re selling your Flemington home unless you post it somewhere! While decisions related to where you place the signs and advertisements will most likely be made with the assistance of qualified real estate agent such as Patty Mortara, you can help by finding additional ways to spread the word of your sale. Online home selling postings for Hunterdon County are fairly common, and oftentimes, simply letting your friends and family know that your Flemington home is on the market can go a long way in spreading the word.


Rely on Patty Mortara - Of course, the most important home marketing step you can take is trusting Patty Mortara to work hard to sell your home as quickly and efficiently as possible. Like any real business partnership, selling a New Jersey home is all about finding someone you can trust and working together to get the best possible results.